Welcome Warriors!

Just a bit of a disclaimer: Warrior Cats is not supposed to be true to the currently running series of childrens books with the same titles. I did see these and read some synopses and did get the idea from there, but I’ve also drawn on a number of other sources with similar themes and ideas. Here’s a list:

  • Warrior Cats book series, by Erin Hunter (not read, just what I’ve learned hearing about them)
  • Tail Chaser’s Song, book by Tad Williams
  • Milo and Otis, Movie
  • The Legend of the Guardians, Movie
  • Watership Down, by Richard Adams
  • The Redwall book series, by Brian Jacques

Your Adventure Begins Now…

In the Tail Lands the four clans, Wood-Clan, Mountain-Clan, River-Clan, and Meadow-Clan, come together at their adjoining borders. Amidst these lands the two-legs have built their village of Miruku, known for its high quality dairy products. On the coast of Cat Tail Lake and Swift Fish River the land is beautiful, bountiful, and has something for all of its inhabitants.

This idyllic pre-industrial agrarian fantasy land is not danger-free, however. In the Dog Paw Swamp of the Muddy Delta lives the Numamura robber clan. These dastardly ‘Newts’ cause problems for cat and two-leg alike. When the swamp dogs bay it heralds fear and destruction for all in the robbers’ paths.

Map of the Tail Lands

The Clans


(Clan claimed by Nikki; See character page.)

This clan reigns over the wooded area known to cat warriors as the Sharp Claw Forest. Generations of cat scratched tree-trunks are testament to these warriors’ long sovereignty of the woods. They draw their strength from trees and earth and have names such as Claypaws or Goldenleaf.


(Clan claimed by Al; See character page.)

The Mountain-Clan territory runs from the Cat’s Ears Peaks down along the coast of the lake. Its majestic red granite mountains taper into foothills that lie on the borders of Miruku. Hardy warriors and wise leaders are often from Mountain-Clan, who draw their strength from the stone and the sun that warms them. They often have names such as Cliffjumper or Sunchaser.


(Clan claimed by Anim5; See character page.)

The River-Clan calls the land along the Swift Fish River its own. These cats terrify all the other warriors with their delight and skill in swimming and fishing in the water. River-Clan warriors draw their strength from the water and the blue sky that colors and feeds it. These warriors are swift and athletic but sometimes enjoy one too many good jokes. They often have names such as Catfish or Otterquick.


(Clan claimed by BlindGeek; See character page.)

The Meadow-Clan has a large territory of grassy plains and meadows. Even the cats of this clan will tell you that they’ve never made it to their far border, so great is their territory. These cats gain their strength from the green tall grasses and the sparks of fire that drive their prey to them out of frequent brush fires. They often have names such as Reedstalker or Sparkclaw.

Your Warriors

The Rules

Your warriors will be created using the Wushu system. There should be one cat per clan for this adventure and the clans are first-come-first-serve. As they are created I’ll add them to this site.

Just to keep it quick and simple here’s a quick and dirty guide for creating a Wushu Warrior:

  1. Pick three traits that make your character the warrior he or she is known as. Consider these the cues you’d want to give a script writer and a movie director who where going to make a movie with your character.
  2. List them in order of skill/importance. Whatever your character should be best at should be first.
  3. Label these traits 5, 4, and 3. These will be the levels. When you roll your dice pool this is the number you want to have equal or less than for a success.
  4. Now your character also needs a weakness, this is something that he or she will face thanks to the GM or you can use to add details yourself.

Here’s a Sample Warrior:

Jadeshadow of the Meadow-Clan

5 – Shadow of the day: extremely stealthy whether it is day or night Jadeshadow can stalk and kill without being seen or heard.
4 – Master of the one strike: Jadeshadow knows how to kill just about anything with a single attack. She knows the weak spots of prey and foe alike.
3 – Cat caller: Jadeshadow is a talented tale weaver and singer. She is also good at negotiating between cats with excellent understanding of the similarities and differences between personalities.
Weakness – Terrified of owls. Jadeshadow avoids the woods, especially the dark woods. Bird shadows are not to be trusted until identified as not owls.

Warrior Cats

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