The GM's Notebook (Warning Spoilers!)

A look at the game sheet used to weave the tail…tale

Warrior Cats: The Cataclysm

4 Clans: River, Woods, Mountains, Plains

The Tail-Lands: where all the clan lands meet near the two-leg village of Miruku (Milk); dairy farmers in a pre-industrial agrarian world.

Swamp Lands: in the swamp is a robber camp (Numamura; derisively referred to as Newts) that is also a problem for the Miruku village people and other two-leg groups. The characters have been witness to some of their criminal activities before. Before they appear there is always the sound of “hundreds” of dogs barking and howling. Really this is a dog warning and not a threat… but no one has ever seen the swamp dogs and assume they are partners to the robbers.

Scene 1: Characters discover Swiftwillow, a new mother cat, mortally wounded; kittens are missing. She says they were stolen but not by what/who.

What’s going on?

Kittens stolen by Swamp Dogs and put into a training camp where they are trained to act like dogs and do dog chores (accompany hunters, herd nutria in the water, swim, fight in arenas (dog fighting) etc.) and then sent to a Two-Leg camp of robbers. The dogs do this to prevent having their own be used as slave labor and gladiators by these “bad” two-legs.

Can the players make contact with the Swamp Dog underground and their swamp animal allies for trying to free the dogs? The Alphas are too strong, but with the players’ help can be defeated. Do they figure out that they can help the Swamp Dogs too?

Neutral encounters that could become combative:

Nutria gang: 15
Alligator: 20
Raccoon: 8
Anaconda: 8
Screech owl: 8
Crawfish swarm: 10

Neutral contacts likely to team up with the players:

(Long water cat) Otters: 3 Ki; Water hunters 5; Acrobatic swimmers 4; Almost hands 3; Weakness Shiny objects
(Old One) Jaguar: 3 Ki; Ancient wise hunter 5; Shadow spy 4; Swamp native 3; Weakness Terrified of Two-Legs
(Lord Tailbiter) Giant turtle: 3 Ki; Slow and steady 5; Knows everyone 4; Respected 3; Weakness Cold Blooded (literally)


Swamp dog kitten-nappers: 15/2
Swamp dog rangers: 10/1
Swamp dog guards: 10/2
Herding kittens: 10

Nemesis: Swamp Dog Robber Alpha Pair and guards

Power Angry 5
Well fed and strong 4
Good nose 3

Cat Lore:

Moonclaw: female cat goddess of night
Firemaw: male cat god of day
Treestalker: first earthly tom cat, son of Moonclaw and Firemaw; mate of Grass-Sharp
Grass-Sharp: first earthly cat, daughter of Moonclaw and Firemaw; mate of Treestalker

Cat Slang:

Snak: mouse, rodent; little prey animals
SnikSnak: snakes, worms, bugs.
Splish: fish
Pihkaw: food birds
Hahkaw: raptors (hawks, owls etc.)
Kahkaw: carrion birds;
Kaw: generic bird with modifier. e.g Long necked river-kaw = heron, little pond kaw = ducks

The GM's Notebook (Warning Spoilers!)

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